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Contact: Phyllis Schlafly 314-721-1213

A new committee of prominent conservatives has been formed to combat the surprising attempt by men who should know better to change the U.S. House of Representatives from an elective to an appointive body in the event of a national emergency. "They should know," said Phyllis Schlafly, chairman of the new group called the Committee to Preserve an Elected Congress (CPEC), "that the direct election of Members of the House accountable to 'we the people' is the centerpiece of the American constitutional system and has been a major factor in preserving our American liberties."

The new committee was formed to coordinate opposition to a report (expected to be released June 4) by the Continuity of Government Commission (COG), co-chaired by former presidential adviser Lloyd Cutler and former Senator Alan Simpson. COG claims that this drastic change in the U.S. Constitution and in our form of government is necessary because of the possibility that a terrorist attack could kill a substantial number of Members of Congress.

According to CPEC member and constitutional authority Professor Charles Rice, the plan to change the U.S. Constitution is "a solution in search of a problem that does not exist." CPEC member Howard Phillips warns, "The fear of terrorism should not be used to scare Americans into surrendering our liberties." CPEC members believe that it would be a terrible mistake to abandon our representative government in the face of terrorism, and it certainly is not necessary. Instead, we should adhere to the Constitution itself and make use of the rules changes passed by the House in February, as well as expedited procedures for filling vacancies passed by state legislatures.

Members of the newly formed Committee to Preserve an Elected Congress are available for press and radio interviews:

Phyllis Schlafly (chairman), 314-721-1213 or 314-993-5509

(other members listed alphabetically)

  • Janine Hansen, 775-356-9009 or 775-355-0407

  • Tom Lizardo, 202-225-2831

  • Dr. James McClellan, 434-223-1861

  • Prof. Stephen Presser,

  • Hon. Howard Phillips, 703-893-2777

  • Prof. Charles Rice, 574-631-5667 or 574-633-4415

  • William K. Shearer 619-460-4484

  • Dr. Edwin Vieira, 703-791-5195